The Power of Microsoft Teams

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The ways we communicate have changed in recent years. Our means of exchange are increasingly changing from face-to-face communication to digital solutions that allow us to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. There are now very powerful and large platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, where you can exchange ideas with your colleagues and others.

Creating connections

We live in a world of connectivity. Digitalization allows us to build connections everywhere and with everyone in the world. Applications like Mirosoft Teams allow us to do this in seemingly unlimited ways.Creating connections of a human nature, as well as linking different application systems together, gives digital solutions a multitude of possibilities.

The problem for many companies, however, is that they cannot effectively use these new ways of communication.

For one simple reason: the workflows, or the programs that create the workflows, are already so deeply embedded in the enterprise that it is difficult to integrate a new platform into the enterprise. The idea of changing processes and readjusting them due to the introduction of a new platform is cumbersome for many companies.

Microsoft Teams has addressed this issue by developing a variety of workflows that allow you to seamlessly integrate the programs you already use in your organization into the Teams environment.

In addition, there are many other ways you can use Teams besides integrating workflows.

Create connections — interpersonal and technical

Microsoft Teams is all about connecting people. For this, Teams provides a great platform where people from all over the world can exchange ideas. The exchange is always optimized by many small features and functions.

Integrated translations in Microsoft Teams

In chat, you can always express yourself in a way that the other person understands, regardless of the language. With the integrated translation in Teams Chat you have the possibility to translate messages of any language instantly.

This eliminates language barriers and lets you send exactly what you want to say to the other person.

Translation of PowerPoint slides

It’s exactly the same with PowerPoint presentations that are held. Again, during a meeting, you have the option to have the slides translated, so you understand all the content on the slide in your language. There are other great features that take sharing to a new level, especially across countries.

Exchange between Microsoft Teams and external programs

In addition to the many features that serve the interpersonal exchange, Microsoft has also thought of the data exchange between Teams and external programs. Through the integration of workflows in Teams, you can link the programs you use in your company with Teams. In addition, you have the ability to create custom, automated workflows that increase your productivity. Learn how to create workflows here. Microsoft also offers pre-built workflows that you can integrate with Teams.

Pre-built workflows in Microsoft365

With Microsoft Power Automate, you’ll find a variety of flows for the programs you use most. Here is the list of flows that you can integrate into the Microsoft 356 environment and, accordingly, into Teams. Take a look at what workflows are offered with the programs you use in your company.

Extensibility of Microsoft Teams through third party apps

In addition to extensibility through workflows come third party apps that you can download from the Microsoft Teams Store and integrate directly into the Teams app.

The Teams Store includes over 500 third party apps that you can use to further customize and extend Teams. For this, feel free to check out the Microsoft Teams Store and get an overview of all the apps that are available to you.

Workflows at timeghost

As a third-party application integrated into Teams and thus into the M365 environment, we have also created various workflows to offer its customers interfaces to other programs outside the Microsoft365 environment.

What becomes clear above all through the workflows is the possibility that Microsoft gives every user to individualize and adapt their own working environment. Teams, as the communication platform, plays the central role in this extensibility.

Here is a list of Power Automate Flows that our tool offers in connection with other applications to better integrate project time tracking into your work environment.

Project time tracking integrated in Teams

timeghost offers a project time tracking software as a third-party app, which is integrated directly into Microsoft Teams. The software is fully integrated into the M365 environment. In addition to the app that timeghost provides for Teams, the integration is especially noticeable in the application.

The Microsoft Graph API allows timeghost to capture data from the Microsoft365 environment directly as a time entry in the software. For example, the start and end times of team calls are automatically recorded in the software and can be assigned to the corresponding project and task as a time entry.

In addition, the workflows allow you to connect the software with the programs used in your company and save you manual work when entering your working hours.

Virtually unlimited possibilities of expandability and customization

Microsoft Teams is one of the most powerful programs in today’s digital world. On the one hand, this is reflected in the versatile possibilities. The user is provided with a platform on which communication between colleagues and customers can take place so easily and intuitively thanks to many effective features.

On the other hand, Teams, as the central platform of the Microsoft environment, manages to link applications with each other. This allows you to take advantage of the programs you already use, and also build a network of programs that are optimally connected to each other.

Here you will find the most important links to optimize your Teams App:

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams Store

Workflows for Teams


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