Home office and project management — 4 challenges

What are the main challenges?

1. Mastering the complexity of the project organization

Due to the fact that several companies or subsidiaries are involved in the execution of the project, the organization is often not easy. Creating meetings that everyone can attend or setting times when everyone is available is a challenge. Due to the fact that people live in different time zones and sometimes have different work schedules, it takes good organization to schedule meetings.

2. Master cultural differences in a virtual way

Working with people whose cultures are very different is another challenge. The most important thing is to accept and embrace each other’s cultures and values.

3. Creating virtual proximity

In order to become familiar and acquainted with the project and the project team, it helps to create “virtual closeness” in regular exchanges. The goal is to build a virtual community that trusts each other and can thus increase productivity within the project. Trust can only take place through conscious interaction with each other. In addition, the willingness of the project members to put in more effort in interacting is necessary in advance. Communication platforms like Microsoft Teams have recognized that interactivity with other participants is very important, especially in the home office.

Create infrastructure for virtual collaboration

In the end, participants are responsible for the extent to which they exploit the possibilities of interactivity. In addition to the possibilities offered by Microsoft Teams, it is especially beneficial if the participants create an interpersonal basis to grant good cooperation. One way to do this is to teach the so-called Pink Space

Pink Space as the cornerstone of collaboration

A method of promoting collaboration and diversity is to distribute colors for each country or culture. This means, for example, that one team member from China is assigned “red”, the member from the USA is assigned “blue”, etc. At a virtual meeting, all members come together in one room, the “pink space”. In this room, colors no longer play a role. The “pink space” deliberately stands for global cooperation and cultural diversity, which is exploited to the fullest.

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